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A gallery for a modern fashionista

Thanks for visiting the Zendaya Lookbook! This is a personal project run by Elsa Amri, a Designer & Webflow Developer based in Tanzania. This website is meant to be a space for curating all (if not most) of Zendaya's iconic looks — on the red carpet, at runway shows, from photoshoots and wherever else is relevant. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to get in touch with any general enquiries.

How often is the website updated?

Several times a week! As each look emerges on the internet, I'll add it to the site. Updates won't be instant, but they'll be as frequent as possible. You can also subscribe to the weekly newsletter where I'll be highlighting new looks and sharing recent news on Zendaya.

Can I submit an entry?

Feel free to submit any outfit you think I've missed by emailing me at elsa.amri@gmail.com. Keep in mind I am still in the process of adding hundreds and hundreds of looks from earlier this year and the years before.

Is this website affiliated with Zendaya?

It's not! While I would love for her to see it, I am not affiliated with her or her team in any way.

Can I repurpose the photos on the website?

These images are not owned by me. Please do not repurpose them for commercial intent, and reuse them appropriately.